Sniper Clash 3D

About game

Sniper Clash 3D game is very colorful online first-person shooter that is continuation of popular Clash3D series, but with its new special rules. The main difference is type of battle - capturing the flag. Your task is to get opponent’s base, take the flag and deliver it to your base. It seems that there is nothing complicated, but to do this is not so easy. Also, it is worth highlighting beautiful graphics and interesting map on which there are accelerators and many secluded places for an ambush.

Sniper Clash 3D
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Sniper Clash 3D full screen

How to play

Team that delivers more enemy flags to their base wins Sniper Clash battle. Fight in team with friends to win round. Opponents will constantly bother you and try to do the same with your flag. Therefore, you need to fight for trophies and try to return your banner captured by enemy.

You can use earned stars to improve characteristics of your sniper - increase stamina and strength weapon. Reach 100 victories to get golden weapons.