Zoneroyale io

About game

Zoneroyale io game is fun rivalry on the shrinking Battle Royal Zone. is shooting game with full mouse control plus F to drop. Another feature is that the properties of the boosters found accumulate, which makes you stronger and stronger. For this you need to collect as many boxes with various bonuses as possible. Like in any Battle Royale, game continues till last survivor. Here you will find a lot of weapons and a cheerful company of online opponents.

Zoneroyale io

Zoneroyale io game

How to play

Join the Zoneroyale io game and immediately pick up weapon. All items to which you approach automatically become yours. You can have two types of weapons in your inventory. To switch, use Q or mouse wheel. If you want to get a new gun you need to free up inventory by pressing F on keyboard. Use trees as cover. Suddenly attack or run away. Press W on keyboard or right click to boost speed.


Character moves bihinde cursor. You only need F button to throw away unnecessary weapons. All other actions are possible with mouse.
LMB - shoot
RMB - speedd up
Mouse wheel - change gun
Due to the absence of extra control functions, you can pay more attention to the battle itself.