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About game

Ev io is the play-to-earn online shooting game you can play just in your Web browser. A huge list of custom shooting settings and different modes are available to you in Ev.io game. Play team or solo deathmatch and battle royale mode. Take a few minutes to register and immediately jump into the game in pursuit of frags and cash rewards. By the way, this game is interesting not only for the opportunity to earn money, but also for its wonderful gameplay and high performance. Check it out!

Ev io
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How to play

Ev io game is one of the easiest ways to join the popular theme of play to earn money games. You don't need to download or install anything. Just open the game in your browser and get started. Please note that in order to receive coins, you definitely need to register and specify your wallet.


WASD - move
Leftmouse - Shoot -
Rightmouse - zoom
R - recharge
Shift - run
C - crouch
And more. A total of 30 control options that you can change according to your needs.