Swamp Attack online

About game

The game Swamp Attack Online is the long-awaited browser version of the popular defense game. Now, this multi-level shooting game is available for playing in a browser! Shoot everything approaching you to stay alive. Use all types of weapons and supporting means to kill monsters trying to eat you.
The online version of the game Swamp Attack is a real surprise for PC gamers. The game is well known among users of mobile devices since 2014, and the rating is very high. Have a nice game!

Swamp Attack online
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Swamp Attack online game

How to play

For each monster destroyed you get coins. Use the accumulated funds to unlock all types of weapons and auxiliary means of protection. The first thing to have to do from the very beginning is to unlock all weapons and additional supplies. Then start to maximize all the parameters to gradually upgrade your inventory and be patient. It will not be easy!
Upgrade inventory and constantly improve your shooting skills in order to survive in this crazy swamp attack. Move level by level to overcome the hardest.


Use the mouse to aim and shoot. Also, you can click on icons to activate items. But, at high levels, you'll probably have to use the keyboard to be faster.
1,2,3 - shotgun, machine gun, and flamethrower
Q, W, E, R - dynamite, fridge, bomber, acid rain