Fields Of Fury io

About game

Fields Of Fury io game is one of the best tactical first-person shooters that you can play online in your browser. The game is created on the theme of WW2 action with appropriate weapons, equipment, and environment.
Fight in a team to complete the main combat mission - capture the flag. And of course, your personal combat skills are just as important as in any shooting game. Communicate with teammates to reach the goal. Smart tactics will help you win.

Fields Of Fury io
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How to play

The main goal in Fields Of Fury io battle is to deliver the enemy flag to your base. The team that brings more enemy flags to their base will win. To do this, you need well-coordinated teamwork. Choose from three types of fighters. You can be a rifleman - long-range combat, trench gunner - close-range combat, and machine gunner - versatile.
Collect first aid kits and armor to increase your survivability. Be sure to look at the map and listen to your commander's orders to coordinate tactics. Enjoy communication and interaction in a real team game!


Move - WASD
Shoot - Left-click
Aim - Right-click
Switch weapons - 1-4
Jump - Space