About game game is high-quality novelty in 2D Battle Royale category. In the game Gulch io you will find all popular game components used in games of this style. In addition, you will find new interesting features. Develop for yourself a new strategy for survival in the new game. Basic conditions are, as always, to find weapons and armor. But the main thing is that all this work is done very well. The quality of the gulch io game indicates the continuous progress and development of io games. full screen

How to play

At the beginning of game you are completely unarmed and do not have any equipment. All you need to achieve yourself. In this game, a lot of new interesting armor components. You can use protection of different levels and improve it. Weapons can also be improved with reinforced bullets of different levels. Gains differ in color. Periodically look at the map to assess your location.


Everything is standard.
WASD - movement
Left click - shoot
Right click - aim (increasing the view in the direction of cursor)
F - pick up object, open door
M - view map