Winter Clash 3D

Winter Clash 3D game is a New Year online shooter where Santas with sniper rifles fight against the green elves. The task is to protect the snowman and destroy as many frags as possible. Enjoy very interesting and most-ever colorful map. Shoot all enemies who try to take control of snowman.
Headshots are your main weapon if you have a sniper rifle in your hands. If you find a shotgun, you can fight more confidently at close range. Use first-aid kits to heal, and booster boots to speed up.

Winter Clash 3D
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Winter Clash 3D game

How to play

In the game Winter Clash 3D you have to shoot at the green men who are marked with a red arrow and do not let them grab the snowman. The more elves you destroy, the better. Because, for your achievements, you get points that you can use for health or weapons upgrades.


WASD - move
Left-click - shoot
Right-click - aim
Shift - run
Space - jump