Airport Clash 3D

About game

Airport Clash 3D game is a new game in the popular series of browser-based Clash 3D shooters. You need to fight according to the same familiar rules of team deathmatch, but this time at the airport. As befits any new product, there are some new interesting components and features.
Earn points in all possible ways. Destroy opponents, carry a bomb to the enemy base, complete tasks to get a reward. Use the obtained stars to improve armor and weapons. After a hundred victories you will receive a golden weapon.

Airport Clash 3D
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Airport Clash 3D game

How to play

1. Online shooting game Airport Clash 3D will please you with new larger and more interesting map. You will find first-aid kits in a variety of stashes. In addition, look for a medicine in a syringe tube to restore health.
2. Friendly fire is not allowed. Therefore, you need to aim and shoot only enemies. Otherwise, you can kill your teammates and lost support.
3. Find the bomb and deliver it to the enemy base. Leave it near the enemy flag to complete the task.
If you see the enemy carrying a bomb, immediately kill him and take the trophy to deliver a return gift.