About game is an online game with an original and very interesting gameplay. In the game Mini Giants you increase the overall game level and character level in each game session. The overall game level does not really affect the combat characteristics, but gives you the opportunity to use different types of warriors. Warriors differ in the ratio of combat characteristics such as strength, stamina, armor, and health. The second is the level increase in each game, which greatly affects the strength and stamina of your warrior. game

How to play

The main task in the game is to stay on the battlefield as long as possible. Arena battle of the mini giants is built in such a way that each new game is a separate fight during which your character increases the level and gets loot.
The more you collect multicolored pebbles on the battlefield, the bigger and stronger your hero becomes. But with each level the giant becomes slower. With reduced speed, it becomes increasingly difficult to collect precious chests. Chests of different levels are the main source of income for your character. Visually, strength can be easily determined by the size of a warrior.