ShootUp io

About game

Shootup io game is a multi-tasking 2D shooter for playing in a browser. The main task is to destroy zombies, but at the same time you have to fight with rivals and build fortifications. But you can team up with other players to increase your chances of survival. The main goal is to destroy zombies in order to earn experience and additional skills. After hundreds of killed monsters, you can choose one of the proposed skills.

ShootUp io

How to play

Before you start ShootUp battle, you can choose the type of your fighter and give him a name. Look for weapons and ammunition on the map. Also look for blue bottles that provide extra protection and collect first-aid kits to restore HP. The game has five levels of weapons, the strength of which can be determined by color. White is ordinary, green is slightly improved, blue is rare, violet is epic, yellow is the most top-notch.


WASD - move
Mouse - aim
Left mouse button - shoot
Right mouse button - build fortifications
Spacebar - action
Shift - rut or car acceleration