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Zombies io game is a first-person shooter horror story. High-quality 3D graphics, twilight and crowds of zombies from all sides will make you tremble with fear. In the game Zombies.io you can create your own room, invite friends or just join the game. Before starting this awesome survival quest, you can choose a weapon. There are two weapon slots in total. The first is a pistol, rifle or shotgun, and the second is a sword or bat.

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Zombies io
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How to play

The task in the game Zombies io is to survive for 4 minutes and destroy as many zombies as possible. The more targets destroyed, the higher your rating. Ammunition is limited, so take care of ammo and do not shoot from fear anywhere. Aim for the head for more efficiency.
You can replenish ammunition in a red luminous circle. To restore health, find a large red or green medicine box. To use these services, go up and press the E button.


WASD - move
Left click - shoot. To hit with a sword, slightly hold the click for a swing and release to strike.
Shift - run
Spacebar - jump
1, 2 - choose a weapon
E - replenish ammo supplies or heal.