Shotz io

About game

Shotz io game is a multiplayer online and 2D shooter in which you can fight by desmatch rules. The game Shotz not burdened with any additional options. Choose weapon you need before starting game. In the course of events, you will be able to restore health and gain minor gains, but you will not be able to change anything in your firing arsenal.

Shotz io

Shotz io game

How to play

Your main task in the game Shotz io is to score the maximum points and get the crown. To do this, you need to destroy as many enemies as possible or do more damage and not die.
You can pick up first-aid kits to heal. Use a first aid kit can only a character who has not a full stock of health. In addition, health will be restored avtomaticaly over a certain period of time. That is, in the absence of medicines, you can wait until your state of health improves and then again get involved in a battle.
Another variable is the use of improvements. You need to open the box with bonuses which is located in the center of the battlefield and marked on the map with a white mark. After opening you will have a choice. Use what you want to get.