Nuke Zone

Online game Nuke Zone is a first-person tank shooter where two teams are fighting on the modern battlefield. The goal is to destroy the enemy’s base first. Thanks to excellent game mechanics, the NukeZone io game allows you to feel yourself inside a combat vehicle. In addition, the game is able to surprise with high-quality gameplay, including upgrades and the ability to save your achievements.
Use barriers for a competent attack and monitor the movements of opponents to take a favorable position. Good interaction with teammates ensures victory.

Nuke Zone

Nuke Zone game

How to play

The Nuke Zone battle of tanks is primarily a team game, so to achieve a positive result you need to work together. Defend your base from enemy attacks and cover each other in attack. The team that first destroys the enemy lair wins. In order to earn more experience, you need to actively destroy rivals and apply more damage to the base. The experience gained is transformed into new levels and opens up cool improvements that you can use at your choice.


Use WASD or arrows to drive a tank
Spacebar - Shoot