MiniRoyale2 io

About game

MiniRoyale2 io game is an updated version of the free 3D Battle Royale game with exciting street battles in the style of special forces. The game features a very rich and compact city map, a huge selection of weapons and ammunition, as well as a limited number of players. The task is well known - to stay the last alive!

MiniRoyale2 io

MiniRoyale2 io game

How to play

The battlefield in is quite small and more reminiscent of an arena with many shelters and barriers. The battle involves up to 10 players who simultaneously start the game. A helicopter will take you to the battlefield. From the very beginning, you have a Beretta and a few bullets. Everything else you need to find in the houses. On the tables you can find powerful weapons, ammunition, armor and additional accessories. Expand your inventory, speed up reloading and increase protection. Please note that you will not be able to heal. In special boxes that need to be destroyed, you can find elite weapons and ammunition.


WASD - move
LMB - shoot
RMB - aim
Spacebar - jump
Tab - inventory
F - take an item
R - reload
1-3 - change weapons