About game

SquaddRoyale.io game is 3D online shooter in the Battle Royale mode. A distinctive feature of Squadd Royale Io is a very specific overview of the battlefield. Graphics visually look like three-dimensional, but in fact the battle goes on one plane. You can move along two axes without the ability to look around. That is, this is actually 2D Battle Royale shooting game.

Play Game

Squaddroyale.io game

How to play

You need to fight until the last player alive.
The playing field will constantly decrease to push survivors into a limited area.
Additional armor will help you to contain damage and increase the stamina of your character. First aid kits and armor are the most useful boosters in this game.
AWSD for movement.
Left click to attack.
R for recharge.
Q or mouse wheel to change weapons
F - use first aid kit.