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About game

CS 1.6 Online Club is the best free server to play original Counter-Strike in your browser. In fact, this is the classic CS 1.6 with huge online, full set of classic maps and weapons, plus new interesting things in this advanced version of the game. But now you can play No download - just in the browser! All necessary game components are gradually and almost imperceptibly loaded before the start of the match. All you need to have a great fun is launch the game.

CS 1.6 Online
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How to play

In general, there is nothing new for experienced player - complete your task or kill all opponents. But you need to learn how to buy fast. The faster you can choose the weapon, ammo, grenades or armor the cooler you are. In practice, you will have to remember the combination that will start with "B" (entrance to the store) plus the numbers corresponding to the cell with the item.
And also, don't forget to register to use all the options on this popular free CS server.

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