About game

Deadwalk io game is scary shooter in which you can fight or be friends with rivals but you must fight zombies. Io game is deathmatch battle in a small provincial town that is the full of walking dead. These creatures appears literally from nowhere and starts to attack you. Zombies have tremendous power and only a few blows are enough for you to die. Therefore, do not let them close to you and try to destroy it using firearms. The knife will not help you out in a critical situation.
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Deadwalk io game

How to play

The winner in the game is the one who scored the most points in round. Guns and ammunition you can find on the map, focusing on green lighting. First-aid kits can be found in secluded places inside houses. But the main method of obtaining medicines is destruction of zombies. Game map allows you to navigate inside buildings. Here you can hide from rivals. But you can't hide from Deadwalk. These monsters will attack you everywhere.


WASD - move
Aim and change view - mouse
Shoot - LMB
Shift - run
Space - jump