CS Clone

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Online game CS Clone is a browser version based on the most popular shooter of all time. Let's go to rumble on the classic Counter Strike 1.3 maps with unlimited weapons!
The game offers us the opportunity to join any available room or create your own to fight in a team or against everyone. There are no additional features because the main purpose of CS is to enjoy shooting battle. Adjust the sensitivity of the mouse and go into battle!

CS Clone
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CS Clone game

How to play

Clone Counter Strike is practically no different from the earlier version of the game. There is a team deathmatch and FFA mode, plus cool classic rooms of varying difficulty.
Choose a room, or for intrigue, press Quick start. You appear in the game with a full arsenal of weapons, of course, if it's not limited by the rules of your room.


WASD - move
Click - shoot
Spacebar - jump
Shift - speed up
1-2 ... - change weapons
That's all you need for crazy fun.