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Craftnite io game is an online first-person shooter with crafting elements and endless possibilities for building. Enjoy nice blocky graphics and huge map in cool browser game Fight in FFA or Battle Royale mode. Master a sniper rifle, explosives, pickaxe for mining materials and more. Use this unique set of survival tools and come up with all kinds of tricks to become number one!

Craftnite io
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Craftnite io game

How to play

The first thing that impresses in Craftnite io game is the size of the game world. The map is so huge that it will take more than one day even for a superficial acquaintance. Mountains with caves, underground tunnels, rivers and forests - all this already exists! In addition, the unique game world is constantly changing in detail thanks to the players' activities. Be smart and find your own recipe for survival and dominance. The game has everything you need for maximum fun. At the moment, you can fight in FFA (deathmatch) mode. Battle Royale mode has already been added to the menu.
Farm the trees to get building materials. Destroy competitors to get their values. Please note that headshots will give more loot.


WASD - move
Left-click - shoot
Right-click - Aim
Spacebar - Jump
Change items by buttons 1 - 5