BuildRoyale io

About game

BuildRoyale io is high quality game that makes a good impression. The rules are simple and clear for Battle Royale io games. Kill all but don't die. is not a deathmatch where you can die unlimited. Here you have only one life. If you die then start all over again.
BuildRoyale io game gives you opportunity to fight according to Last Man rule and allows you to use new additional option to build fortifications. The function of building and creating is perfectly tested in the most popular game Fortnite. Now a very simplified version is embodied in the Build Royale io game.

BuildRoyale io

BuildRoyale io fullscreen game

How to play

But the option of creating protective walls in the BuildRoyale io game is used a little as it doesn't really help to survive. First of all, you need to skillfully fight.
Don't forget to avoid restricted area that gradually shrinking Battle Royale zone.


Basically everything is standard.
WASD - move.
Cursor - Aim.
Click - shoot.
Shift - speed up.
E - pick up.
The only difference is in the activation of Build mode - Q.