Gift Hunter

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Gift Hunter Online is a first-person shooter game full of surprises. Some gifts in the io game are real players masked by the same look. The joke is that the snow-covered yard is littered with a huge number of identical gift boxes.
It's possible to recognize which box is a real player by any action. You can disguise yourself and remain unnoticed while standing still. There are curious penguins walking among gift hunters. These fat birds know where real player is hiding. If the penguins find somebody, they will begin to peck.

Gift Hunter
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Gift Hunter online

How to play

Any gift box can be a real online player who is hiding in anticipation of the victim. The only thing on which you can recognize the enemy is the movement and shooting. If a player remains motionless, it is impossible to distinguish him from the general mass of Christmas gifts.
In general, main thing for Gift Hunter is not to hurry. It is necessary to attentively look around and carefully move in order to take good shooting position. Quick running and shooting not brilliant idea. But you can use this in close combat. For this, press Q to arm with a stationery knife and then open the enemy's box with one blow of sharp blade. You may need iron patience as a scout. Gifthunter online is a real new year surprise in the world of online gaming.