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About game

NoobHunter io game is an online first-person shooter with very nice pixel-style graphics. Fight in team and try to be the best Noob Hunter in this deathmatch battle! Choose a map on which the most players or create your own for yourself and your friends. According to the round results, a team of winners is determined, and a personal rating is compiled for each fighter.

NoobHunter io
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NoobHunter io game

How to play

The type of battle in NoobHunter io game is team deathmatch where each round lasts 10 minutes. There are several weapons options that can be changed at the beginning of the game or in death breaks.
At the top of the screen you can see the number of points earned for each of the teams, and remaining time at the bottom. Try to get maximum benefit by destroying rivals. Also, try not to die so as not to allow the enemy to get points. Fight in the team and do not forget about your own rating. Try to be the best Noob Hunter in this deadly battle! Your result will be visible to everyone in the final summary. Have a good game!


NubHunter io game is a very high-quality 3D shooter with all the attributes and wide range of all the necessary control functions. The character is even able to move backward, which is quite rare for IO games.
WASD - move
Use mouse to control view.
Left mouse click - shoot
Right Click - Aim
Spacebar - Jump