Crazybattle io

About game

CrazyBattle io 2D shooting game offers us different game modes. But, to appreciate the specific of this crazy battle you should try the original war mode. War in the game is a 15-minute deathmatch where peculiar battle rules are applied.

Land in the war zone and arm yourself. Look for weapons, armor, and ammunition. Stock up on first-aid kits to restore health if necessary. You can get the most valuable loot from large airdrop boxes. Stay away from explosive barrels and red boxes. Shoot to explode and destroy everything around. Destroy the walls with a knife and build new ones from the collected resources.

CrazyBattle io
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Crazybattle io game

How to play

The main feature of CrazyBattle io game is that it's not Battle Royale. Therefore, here is a completely different game philosophy and battle tactics. The more active you are, the more likely you are to lead the rating. Therefore, destroy as many rivals as possible and try to die less. Also, the time spent on the battlefield and the level of rivals destroyed are taken into account.


WASD - move
E - open, pick up
Q - drop
Left click - shoot, use a cold weapon
Right click - build
Shift - run