Venge io

About game

Venge io is a multiplayer first-person shooter to play in Web browser. The main features are very colorful graphics and very high gaming speed. The game combines a modern look and the most popular components of classic shooters. In addition, new original gameplay components have been added. One of which is the ability to improve your fighter in each round.

Venge io

Venge io full screen

How to play

Choose a character, map, server and the initial weapon with which you will start the duel. Later, you can change weapons, but only after death. So far, the game has only two maps, and the store is under development. However, the game already looks pretty cool.

As is customary in all shooters, the main task in the Venge io game is to kill as many opponents as possible. In addition, players compete in upgrading their hero. To get improvements you need to accumulate points. For this, control the yellow luminous territory and kill rivals. As soon as it becomes possible to open the improvement, press the "B" button and select one of the proposed cards.