Raid Land

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Raid Land game is an online battle for gold in an excellent 3D performance. Fighting in the first-person view you will feel like a real archer or warrior endowed with superpowers. The main objective of the battle in the Raid.Land io game is gold, which you need to get from the chests for a short round. The player who has more gold coins in his pockets at the end of the match will win.
Excellent graphics and perfect game mechanics can surprise you a lot. We can say with confidence that this is a breakthrough in the development of browser-based online games.

Raid Land
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Raid Land game

How to play

The game Raid Land is endowed with a fascinating storyline, which makes you enjoy this online battle. The main wealth is in the chests, but, as you probably already guessed, you can profit from the destruction of a rich enemy. Kill an opponent and get a drop. Also, bags of gold fall from the bots - defenders. Master your fighting and archery skills to get more gold in a short round and celebrate the victory. Show everyone who the real Robin Hood is here!


WASD - move
Spacebar - jump
If you are an archer then you must pull the bow to shoot! Press and hold the left mouse button to charge and release to attack.