Noob io

About game

Noob io is first person online shooting game. Gameplay in game is based on classic deathmatch rules. Colorful 3D graphics but low detailing make this game not demanding on a gaming device. So, you can play without any lags. Your task as in any deathmatch shooters is to score max points for frags. You need to survive in order not to lose rating.

Noob io

Noob io game

How to play

Respawn at the beginning of the game or after death occurs randomly in any part of map. Map is quite large and gives you opportunity to move around or climb stairs on top of buildings
At the beginning of the game you have no weapons. Look for everything inside buildings. New loot appears in the same place very quickly. In the game you can drive a car to quickly move around the battlefield.


WASD - move.
LMB - shoot.
F - pick up.
1, 2 - choose a weapon.

Alternative names :, Noobio