Robofight io

About game

Robofight io game is first-person shooter that in most looks like Quake. Fight with the same incredible speed and use the portals to quickly change location in futuristic robots world.

The game has two deathmatch modes - team or FFA. Choose the type of battle and start the game. After a while, you can unlock additional weapons. In order to get a powerful gun, you will need to show your skills in battles and earn prize money.

Robofight io

Robofight io game

How to play

The game Robofight io has a very advanced settings system. Before starting this battle, it will be useful to look into the settings to select the most suitable parameters. Pay particular attention to mouse sensitivity and video quality. You can also change other control functions to adapt to your preferences.

Default control

WASD - move
QE - peek left, right
LMB - shoot
RMB - aim
R - reload
F - check weapons
Spacebar - Jump.

Game category

FPS (first-person shooting) game


Web browser

Release date

July 2019