Shot Wars io

About game

Shot Wars io game is very original 2D shooter with three various modes and huge characters selection. Each next battle in game starts in the mode that will gain more votes. It is always very interesting and intriguing. The idea is really cool and completely new.
In general, this game is quite peculiar and contains many interesting innovations. It should also be noted that ShotWars is not a Battle Royale shooter, at least at the time of its appearance you can enjoy FFA mode, Team Deathmatch and flag capture.

Shot Wars io
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How to play

In addition to the different modes in the game Shot Wars io, you can choose type of character at the beginning and change your choice after each death. A large selection of warriors with completely different properties greatly diversifies this game and gives us even more fun.
Control central zone to receive money from chest. Destroy your opponents to get rating points. In addition, for each frag you get the opportunity to use any booster from list. The available boosters are visible on the right side of screen. Stock of it disappears after death.


WASD - move
Left click - shoot
Spacebar - jump
Press Q, E, F buttons to activate boosters.