Combat Reloaded

About game

Online game Combat Reloaded is one of the best browser-based first-person shooters with amazing graphics and great physics. The main advantages of Combat Reloaded are excellent maps and a variety of game modes with the ability to fight randomly or only with chosen ones. Also, you can join clans and add friends to see them online.

To start the game, you will need to wait a little while a couple of hundred megabytes are loaded. Despite the minimum size, this game in many ways surpasses most of the heavyweight shooters that we used to install on our computers.

Combat Reloaded
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Combat Reloaded

How to play

If you decide to fight alone, then select a server, and join any of the available battles. Pay attention to the type of battle and the number of players.
In addition, the game Combat Reloaded has ideal conditions for team play with friends and for competitions and tournaments. A convenient system of tinctures allows you to easily create your own room and set the rules of the game. You can password-protect the created room to play only with friends.

Default control

Before starting the game, it is advisable to adjust the sensitivity of the mouse. Other functions by default:
Move the mouse to aim
Left-click - shoot
WASD - move
Spacebar - jump
1,2... or scroll - change weapons
Shift - sprint

Game category

First-person shooter (FPS)


WebGL. So you can play in most Web browsers without any download or install.



Release date

Oct. 2016 but has been updated many times