About game

KillStreak is very colorful online first-person shooting game. Crazy Kill Streak in the game will appeal to most who prefer fast online games in this style.
Before starting the game, you can make minor adjustments and choose a weapon for yourself. It is difficult to say exactly which type of weapon is the most effective in this game. In this case, it all depends on your fighting style. As for me, AK is the best here.

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Killstreak game

How to play

The main thing in the KillStreak io game is fast moving and accurate shooting. Games name - series of murders is fully corresponds to the game scenario. Everything happens very quickly.
In its intensity, the game is very similar to Quake. Everything is quite simple in this game but you need to do all actions without delay. For each frag you will receive 100 points. At the top of the screen you can see the rating of all players.
The main task in the game is to head this list. A feature of this Deathmatch is that you do not lose points when you die.