Thelast io

About game

Thelast io is a great online survival game using medieval and fabulous weapons. Swords, knives, bows and magical staffs give the game a unique playing spirit. The game has very interesting combination of styles. On the one hand, this is the modern regime of Battle Royal, and on the other hand, it is an original set of weapons in the style of fantasy.

Thelast io
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How to play

The rivalry in the game Thelast io begins in the lobby. Here the most agile player can get a weapon even before the main battle begins. To do this, you need to destroy dragon's egg in the middle of nest and pick up drop. Game begins with landing on battlefield. Only instead of usual aircraft huge dragon will take you to the battlefield. Press spacebar to leave this fabulous air transport. During descent you can control the character to land in a favorable place. It is advisable to land near the chest or barrel because you can get valuable loot from these objects.


At the beginning press spacebar to jump.
Use AWSD to move.
Left mouse click to attack.
1-6 buttons or mouse wheel to change weapons.
R - recharge.