About game game is nice-looking first-person shooting entertaiment with modified deathmatch rules. ToBattle io game is divided into rounds lasting 5 minutes. Who scored most points at the end of each round is winner. You can get rewarde for any nice job to accumulate rating points.
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How to play

Pay special attention to recharge system. It's not automatic in this game. Therefore, be sure to press R in advance to survive in battle. You can replenish your ammo by collecting ammunition boxes. Also, you can find first-aid kits to restore health. Accumulation of treatment means is impossible. So, you need to look for a first-aid kit every time you get combat damage.
In game you have to fight on city streets with many obstacles and shelters. Battle zone isn't large and has a pronounced symmetry. Therefore, you will not need much time to study this map.


AWSD - control your character.
Left mouse click - shoot.
R - reload.
Shift - run
Space - jump