RoyaleDudes io

About game

RoyaleDudes io game is a 2D shooter in the popular Battle Royale style. Arm yourself and destroy all opponents to survive and stand the last one. Only last man standing wins in battle. Look for weapons and equipment to arm better. The most valuable items are hidden in buildings. Be careful if go in and be ready to find enemy inside. Also you can visit the shop to buy cool stuff.

RoyaleDudes io
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How to play

Start RoyaleDudes io battle by landing on the battlefield. Always remember that the battlefield is gradually narrowing. As soon as you are in the forbiden area, run immediately, as the survival time in poisonous territory is very short. Look at the map to stay safe. Also chek red dots on the map that show fire places.


Space - leave the plane
WASD - move
Left click - shoot
E - open, pick up
1-3 - switch weapons.
R - reload
G - grenade
M - map