Battlepoint io

About game

Battlepoint io is an online Battle Royal game for playing in a browser. Your goal in game, as it should be, is to remain the last survivor. From the moment of respawn on battlefield, start looking for weapons and ammunition. Use any tricks to achieve your main goal.

Battlepoint io

Battlepoint io game

How to play

Your character in Battlepoint io game looks like a little man with a huge gun in his hands. Graphics in this game are pixel but fairly well detailed. Keep track of your ammo supply and use reloading on time. Look for first-aid kits to restore your health. To use just click on it in your inventory. Watch the boundaries of battlefield that are clearly visible on minimap. All these little things will help you to hold on till last to become a winner.


WASD or arrows - move
Left click - shoot.
Right click - drop
E – pick up.
G - grenade
Click on first-aid kit icon to heal.