Night Point io

About game

Night Point io is a one of the most crazy 2D shooter game to play online in a browser. Simple but nice blocky graphics, good performance, and very fun gameplay are the main advantages of battle. Large-pixel pixel graphics create a very specific gaming environment. Who said that large pixels are already in the past? Many still like this style. In addition, thanks to this, the game is not very demanding on the device.

Night Point io
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How to play

In general, Night Point io game is the most insane shootout. Danger threatens you every second from everywhere. Therefore, your task is to destroy everyone as quickly as possible without delay. Your opponents are zombie bots and other online players like you. The bots cannot shoot, but move towards you as soon as they are nearby.


Control is also very simple.
LMB - shoot
WASD - move
Spacebar - dash
1,2,3,4 - change weapons