SideArms io

SideArms io game is an advanced browser-based shooter with a huge set of bold decisions in the organization of gameplay. You with sharp katana in your hands and your armed assistant robot are fighting against the whole world in a futuristic low gravity arena. This lightness makes it possible to make breathtaking Superman-style jumps.

SideArms io
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SideArms io game

How to play

At first glance, everything looks pretty chaotic and complicated, but it’s worth a little understanding of the game and you won’t get tired of admiring this online battle.
Enjoyment of SideArms io game begins already from the moment you customize the character's appearance. You can change almost everything.
To quickly familiarize yourself with control and physics of movement, you can use the practice mode.
The main thing is to understand the basic philosophy of the game. In fact, you are fighting for two. You have a melee sword in your hands, and your flying robot is armed with firearms. And then everything is logical - destroy enemies, get cool weapons, complete tasks and get rewards for improvements.


WASD - move
LMB - shoot
RMB - take aim
F - strike with a sword
E - change bot's weapons
Shift - Acceleration
Spacebar - Jump
R - reload
~ - drop weapon.