Lol Shot io

About game

Lol Shot io game is the most fun first-person shooter in Web. Check out the сolorful cartoon style, whimsical weapons and incredible movement in game. Run, jump, ambush, unpredictably change position to deliver an unexpected blow.
All components in this game, are very bright and colorful. Even the color of your character and his clothes can be absolutely any color.
Enjoy the highest performance of the latest online shooter that you can play just in your browser.

Lol Shot io

Lol Shot io full screen

How to play

Before starting the Lol Shot io battle try to create your own unique skin using the full customization option. In battle, collect weapons and test the power of different types. The small arena provides a high intensity of combat in which there is no time for delay. The style of movement and the fantastic environment are very reminiscent of the legendary Quake.

In game you can jump insanely using special trampolines and portals to change your location with lightning speed, you can shoot while jumping and perform air-kill to crush your opponent as effectively as possible. All fans of Quake must play!


WASD - movement
Click - shoot
Numbers or scroll - switch weapons