Kize io

Kize io is the newest 2D Battle Royale game combining the most popular components of this genre. The abilities to build walls for your protection, overcome obstacles and drive a car are available.
The main feature of game is the ability to create your own custom match. Otherwise, this is a classic 2D Battle Royale shooter with all the relevant attributes. As usual, land on the battlefield, look for weapons and ammunition, fight to remain the last survivor and have fun!

Kize io

Kize io game

How to play

In the Kize io game you start with an ax, everything else will need to be found. The faster you collect the ammunition, the more chances to win. Look for powerful weapons and first-aid kits in boxes or just take what is scattered on the surface. As befits the style, the playing area will gradually narrow. Therefore, watch out for the radar so as not to be outside the zone of life. Remember about first-aid kits if you want to survive to the end and win.


WASD - move
Click - shoot
Spacebar - Jump
Q - build a wall
R - reload
E - open the box
F - take an item
1-5 - select item in inventory
M - see map