PUBG Pixel 3

About game

Online game PUBG Pixel 3 is a light browser version of the popular Battle Royale shooter. The main features of pixel PUBG are the first-person view, block graphics and the most simplified gameplay. An obvious feature of this version is that you can pre-arm before the start of the main battle. For this, you have 30 seconds at the beginning of the round. During this time, try to find good weapons and as much ammunition as possible. Please note that in the game Crazy PUBG, besides real players, bots can also appear, thus, sufficient online in each round is guaranteed.

PUBG Pixel 3
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PUBG Pixel 3 game

How to play

Arm yourself and land anywhere on the island. Destroy rivals and save ammo so as not to be defenseless. But the main thing for you is to survive in order to stay on the battlefield to the last. The rule of the last man and shrinking space, as expected, are unchanged for this Battle Royale shooting game.


WASD - move
Spacebar - jump
F - pick up
Shift - speed up
Tab - inventory
M - map