Quake io

About game

Quake io is online browser-based version of classic shooting game Quake 3. Quake3 io is no download mode that perfectly adapted for playing in a PC browser. This is a great opportunity to remember the mega game popular in the recent past.
In order to start playing, simply launch the game in your browser window and perform the minimum settings in order to create your own game room. You can also join any of the running games or join your friends.

Quake io

Quake io game

How to play

To improve your skills in Quake io you can create a single game for yourself where you will fight with bots. To do this, make the settings in the PRACTICE MATCH section. Select a room and set the number of bots. Consider that if you are not a very experienced player, then at first you will only need one weakest bot.
To join real online players, select game in the section ONLINE MATCH.
Good luck! Every self-respecting gamer should know what Quake is.