Shellshock io

About game

Shellshock io is perfect first-person browser game based on deathmatch rules. In Shell Shockers io fun game you need to shoot at opponents that look like eggs. As a result of an accurate hit, the eggshell first cracks and then crumbles completely. Your opponent loses its shape and becomes liquid. This fun transformation is one of the main highlight. In addition to cool visual effects worth noting excellent game dynamics.

Shellshock io

Shellshock io game

How to play

To start playing online shooting game Shellshock io you just need to launch game in your browser. After that, you will have opportunity to choose a weapon for battle and type of fight. There are all the most popular shooting game modes.
1. Free for all. Deathmatch where 14 -17 rivals fight every man for himself. Goal is to top rankings list. Scoring method is classic - for each frag +1 point, for death - 1 point.
2. Team. Team Deathmatch where two teams of 7 to 9 players compete.
3. In private games section, you can create your own game room or join a specific game by entering game code.
Register in Shell Shockers to use all game options. Also, you have opportunity to choose one of 7 servers. Have fun!