Krunt io

About game

Krunt io is very playful 2D Battle Royale io game. The game has its own interesting features, which are the possibilities of mining, building, jumping and driving. So, you can build fortifications from collected resources, accelerate and jump to overcome obstacles or dodge in battle. This skills adds a lot of excitement and fun to this colorful battle. Plus, you can drive a car to quickly move to any point on the map. Nice graphics and set of additional features makes this game a little bit outstanding from the list of Battle Royale io games.

Krunt io

Krunt io full screen

How to play

Rules in Krunt io game are familiar to the most gamers. You start game with nothing and need to find weapons, additional armor and funds for heal as soon as. At the same time, there is a constant threat from bloodthirsty rivals. After a while, game zone begins to decrease, which ultimately leads to an inevitable military clash.


This game is very fast and enjoyable
WASD - move
Left click - atack.
E - pick up
1-6 - change weapons
Q - build
Space - jump
Shift - speed up
M - view map
R - reload
Drag to drop unnesesery item