Royale Survival io

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Royale Survival io game is 2D online shooter in popular Battle Royale style. Collect ammunition and become the last survivor on battlefield. In the game up to 20 players take part in battle. Weapon affects the speed of movement.
Game space will gradually decrease, and the remaining rivals will become more experienced. Show everything that you are capable of in this battle of survival.

Royale Survival io
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How to play

Follow a few simple rules and learn main gameplay features to win Royale Survival io combat.
Collect several types of weapons for close and long-range combat.
Be sure to stock up on cartridges and reload weapons on time.
Do not get involved in battle with a small amount of health, but try to recover using the means of treatment. First-aid kit will restore up to 70% health, bandage 1% per second for 10 seconds.
To strengthen your armor, use a protective elixir as soon as possible. These are bottles with blue liquid.
Please note that speed of movement varies depending on the type of weapon. For a short-term increase in speed there are special pills or disarm.
Before starting the game, you can learn available items and weapons. This list will help you quickly become familiar with their detailed specifications and properties. The corresponding menu is located on the right side of screen.


Everything is standard.
AWSD - move
F - pick up
1-6 - select an item. X - disarm to speed up
Click - shoot
M - map
R - reload