About game

FarmClash3d online game is a third-person multiplayer deathmatch shooter. In the game Farm Clash 3D you need to fight in team, but the main task is personal achievement. For each game you will receive from one to three rating stars. These stars accumulate on your account and give you the opportunity to upgrade your warrior.

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The game Farm Clash 3D

How to play

You need to fight on a small farm. In corner buildings you can find the hidden first-aid kits. To find it, look for the closed door that opens if you come up. Another great value in the game FarmClash3d is a Kalashnikov assault rifle. AK hidden in the attic of largest hangar. Use the trampoline to get your treasure.
The optimal plan of action is to get good gun and periodically restore health using a first aid kit.


WASD - move
Shoot and aim - mouse
Space - jump