About game game is new first-person shooter in which two teames of funny little men fight till 100 frags. In Gunborn io game red team fight against blue. Rule of warfare is team deathmatch. The task is to destroy as many frags as possible in order to lead your team to victory.
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Gunborn io game

How to play

The battle in the game takes place on a small island consisting of two parts. One half is landing of red team fighters and the second is for blue. The island is divided by a deep gorge, so you have to use bridge to get into enemy territory.
In this game you can use full range of options traditional for shooters. Use acceleration, jump, climb the roofs, collect ammunition. Be sure to monitor supply of ammunition and reload weapons on time.


WASD - move
Shift - Run
Spacebar - Jump
LMB - shoot
RMB - aim
R - reload